As Sundance moved past the weekend it was fast becoming clear that ... the stars of the festival line-up would not be features but documentaries. One standout was The Linguists, a fantastic little film that follows professors David Harrison and Gregory Anderson as they crisscross the globe on a mission to document languages.... The excitement of these two professors proves contagious, and as the film reveals how cultural shame and colonialism have factored in the loss of these languages, their incredible dedication becomes all the more compelling.

The Linguists
Vanity Fair: At Sundance: Documentaries Take the Day

A documentary unaccountably exiled to the non-competition Spectrum section is The Linguists, a fascinating journey with two men who are the Indiana Joneses of language hunters, academics who go to obscure corners of the globe to find and preserve disappearing languages.

The Linguists
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: Small town, large impact

Indiana Jones' spirit certainly infects the intrepid heroes of The Linguists. These are bold academics who plunge into the jungles and backwater villages of the world to rescue living tongues about to go extinct.... Director-producers Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy S. Newberger's Linguists watches three of these fascinating and at times treacherous linguistic expeditions. The film should perform marvelously on television once it completes a festival run that begins at Sundance.

The Linguists
Reuters: "Linguists" the talk of the town at Sundance

Two ethnographers run around the world making tapes of people speaking so-called "endangered languages." Sound like homework? It's not, for these two geniuses have an adventurous streak, and the two cameras follow them as they travel the globe, getting people to speak in obscure tongues (some with as few as one practicing speaker) to their microphones and cameras. Funny, enlightening and ultimately uplifting, "The Linguists" demonstrates how the act of recording a dying language can, ironically, bring it back to life.

The Linguists
Aaron Barnhart, Kansas City Star: Sundance wrapup: Hearts and minds



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America Rebuilds II

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